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Front page - "Glimpses of the Caribbean" A pretty big picture - Appr. 425 Kb !!!
Foreword by Mrs. Sandra Gift Sub-regional Coordinator UNESCO ASP and Regional Coordinator ASP Caribbean Sea Project
Greetings from Mrs. Marcia Riley Acting Secretary General - Trinidad & Tobago National Commission for UNESCO
Author's Acknowledgement
Where are we? A vision of our lives in our fragile sea-surrounded environment
Catching a future vision from our past
Seeing the many as one
Beyond our blue waters
Fiery earth currents
Living on a plate
From the sweltering latitudes
"Wind goes rippling the face of the deep"
Seasonal storms of the Caribbean Sea
Celestial bodies and the swirling earth
Boiling seas and angry mountains
You take it from here... (Student Activities)
Who are we . . . ?
Moulded by the sea
Those who came over the seas
Stories in stone
People who taught the world to sing
Watchers for whales and jumping fish
Island designs
Survivors on scattered shores
Lovers of wind and sails
Merriment and music
Hosts to the world
Oil that troubles our waters
Outclassed competitors
Gentle divers of an ancient sea
Pictures of the ocean
You take it from here . . . (Student Activities)
What do we have . . . ?
From a drop to a thousand fathoms
The tiniest sea creatures
Shrimp in the "flowers" and grasses
More than a spider's web
Rooted to the sun
Links in the chain of life
Feasting at the banquet table
Eviction notice
Limits beyond the light
Munchers of the dead
Zones for specialised living
Mistunderstood mangroves
Winged giants of the blue lagoon
A many sided giver
Short term vision
The beds where turtles feed
The kingdom where coral reigns
Out in the open seas
The darkening world below
Song for Ivor the diver
You take it from here . . . 
What can be done ?
The best news since the war
Riding a new wave to change
A Critical Caribbean Creation
Finding our own solutions
Netting the wastes out at sea
Help through research and learning
The UNESCO Associated Schools Caribbean Sea Project (CSP)
You take it from here . . .
What we want to happen . . .
Who will do it ?
How will we do all this ?
When will it happen ?
Where will it happen ?
Profiles of the Contributors