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A Triangle of Partnership and Solidarity

We are a group of students from Achimota secondary school, Ghana; interested in the enforcement of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. We undertook an analysis of the UN Universal Declaration of human rights using Ghana as our case study. We selected a few articles, which we think are not being enforced in Ghana.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights should be widely publicized. All of us who worked on this project had heard about the Declaration of Human Rights but we had never seen the articles. We had to print the articles from the World Wide Web. We think that we have been denied one of the fundamental human rights, which is a right to information.
As students and future leaders, we think a lot has to be done about the human rights situation in Ghana. Laws can be passed but if they are not enforced then the purpose for which they are made is defeated. On our part we hope to widely publicize the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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