Food from Trinidad/Norway

In relation to the international week and the visit from Trinidad, some smart people figuered that we should make typical Norwegian/Trinidadian dishes. (Oh, how exciting!) We went for a stroll to the kitchen to see what was going on there.

We were met by a total chaos/blur of onions and sausages. We had never seen that many weird ingredients in one place. Everything was mixed together in a huge casserole. Then they emptied all sorts of spice & other curiosities into it. The first thought that stroke us was: -Is this really the kitchen? After further investigations we could confirm it.

However, this was supposed to be a project between Trinidad and Norway, so where were the Norwegian master-chefs? Crouched down in the inner of a corner we found the protectors of the Norwegian honor. But what were they making? It most surely didn`t look like flatbrød or tørrfisk (Norwegian specialities). The answer was curry-chicken. (Just what we expected.) Curry-chicken is a popular dish in Trinidad. (According to relevant sources.) Were there no Norwegian courses? Were we really that wrong? The answer was of course NO. (We are never wrong!). In the corner of our eyes we could see a very well known meal being prepared: "Møsbrømlefse" - an old local speciality from Saltdal. Then we were asked if we wanted to taste the masterpieces. To be polite we said yes. As a matter of fact it didn`t taste too bad!

Written by Pål-Viggo Mortensen and Mikael Meisler
Translated into English by Petter N. Pettersen og Stine M. Ersvik

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