The Official Welcome Dinner

The official welcome dinner took place Tuesday evening. The visitors, host families, tutors and invited guests were gathered. The Trinidadian national anthem was song by Ruth Jones from Trinidad, and Per-Raymond Nordnes played the Norwegian national anthem on steel pan. Hedvig Utaaker played Schardas by Monteo on the violin very well. The visitors got a sweater each from Saltdal municipality (will they ever use them in Trinidad? :-)). From El Dorado Secondary Comprehensive School, Saltdal Secondary School got a beautiful palm tree made of wood , and all the guests were served vegetable soup and bread.

The Trip to the Glacier

Friday morning at 7 o'clock a trip to Svartisen (a glacier) was planned.....40 minutes late we left. After a 2,5 hours long bus trip we arrived Hydro Agri where we ate lunch. We were shown a great multimedia show.

Next stop was Statkraft (on of Norway's biggest powerplants). Unfortunately we are not able to bring you pictures from this event, simply because of security reasons.

Finally, it was time for the main event of the trip - the glacier. The atmosphere in the bus was tense during the last minutes before we stopped. We had to drive through a narrow tunnel without lights and on an graveled road (at the other side of the tunnel it was a very narrow valley). We drove out of the tunnel and continued to drive on a winding road towards a dam. From one of the students we heard: Each road brings us closer to heaven! Somewhere up the road the bus got stuck in a curve and we had to walk the last part. Hidden under numerous layers of clothes the Trinis tumbled out of the bus.

Mayor Tove Engan hands out the sweaters. At the picture you can see Ada Alleyne and Akash Siew

Lunch at Hydro Agri.

View from the glacier.
Ruth Jones and Tiffany Telesford touching a frozen stream. It is good to have a helping friend! Paul Smith and Niran Beharry. The discovery of sliding on their backs. Glennis Claxton. Snow!! Afiya Holder trying to make a snowball. Difficult?


The Trinidadian students have attended an internet course during their stay here at Saltdal Secondary School. Here they have learned to E-mail people, search on different subjects and chat.

At Eldorado Secondary Comprehensive, the students have limited access to the computers and the internet, so this is probably new for some of them. We can often find the students chatting in the computer lab, so it seems like they have made full use of their new knowledge.

Some is more eager than other
Text written by Stine M. Ersvik and Sigrid Winther, photos by Sigrid Winther.
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