What do the Norwegian students think of the visitors from Trinidad?

We asked some of the students of Saltdal Secondary School about our visitors from Trinidad.

What do you think of this visit from Trinidad?

It's very interesting that our school takes part in a project like this, and it must be very much fun and very exciting for the Trinidadian students to come up here to visit our cold and beautiful country. It's great that the snow came when they visited us, it must be rather strange for them.

To what extent have you noticed the student during their stay so far?

Is it really possible not to notice them? Their skin is off course different from ours, so, yes, we have noticed them. Some of the Norwegian students are hosts for the Trini's, and they have spent a lot of time with them.

What kind of impression do you have of the Trinidadian students?

It seems like some of them are a bit shy, especially the boys, but that is perhaps understanding because of the cultural difference of society. Boys are usually more shy than girls here in Norway, but I don't know what's usual in Trinidad. The girls seem to have more energy. The student in general are very interested in computers, naturally because that Trinidad is a very socially deprived country.

So, what have you learned about the Trinidadian culture and the people?

We have heard rumors about a lot of parties over there. And that the Carnival is a very important part of their culture. We have been working on their music now for a week, so we know a little about that too. It's surprising how alike the Norwegian and the Trinidadian culture is. Their spare time activities are corresponding to ours, so we have a lot in common. By talking to the Trinidadian student we are learning about the contrasts between us, and that is much better than reading a text or a book.

As you can see, there are a lot of opinions about this visit from Trinidad. We really hope that the Trini's have been taken good care of, and that they have had a great time up here so far.

Interviewers: Ann-Sølvi Johansen and Lena Ellingsen

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