For months our school have been preparing for a revisit from our friendship school El Dorado Secondary Comprehensive in Trinidad. Finally, this Sunday, they arrived Rognan. Two hour late - freezing and tired, but still smiling. They were placed in different host families, and spent Sunday recovering from their long journey. We noticed early that our Trinidadian visitors have another aspect of time and Monday morning most of the students didn't reach school in time.... We asked Karina and Kristy how their experienced their first days in Norway.

What was your first impression of Norway?

- It's very cold her, actually it is freezing! It is also very clean and pretty, not to forget the silence. Here is no noise, unlike home, where dogs are barking, people shouting, doors slamming, cars, babies crying and loud music everywhere. We don't have autumn, so it is strange to see yellow trees. Your language is also rather strange. It sounds like a mixture of Spanish, German and French.

How do you like the food?

- It's ok. It isn't much difference yet. We have tasted your brown-cheese - we liked it! It tasted like powdered milk and caramel (laughing).

What do you think of the people?

- The people are warm, outgoing and friendly. You don't steal, and that is different from Trinidad. Back home you could never leave your bag or your clothes, because it would be gone when you came back. And if they don't like your bag, they will take the content, and you will find your bag empty.

Is it really so that the Norwegian students are outgoing? We found that strange, so we asked Kristy and Karina (once more) if our students really talk to them as much as they want us to:

It would be nice if the students took more initiative, especially the boys. They're pretty quiet. So boys, don't be shy! The Trinidadians don't bite!

Karina Ganpath and Kristy Jones. Akash Siew just passing by. Karina Ganpath and Kristy Jones. Akash Siew just passing

What kind of expectations did you have before you came here?

- We expected it to be cold and different, and that your students would look at us like we were on display. We didn't expect to go to school, but it's nice to be here, though.

Have you noticed any differences between our school and your school?

- In Trinidad we have to wear uniforms. One main reason to this is to "hide" the social differences. When we wear the uniforms we have to behave. We don't use the teachers' first name. By doing that we'll be showing disrespect. We always say Miss or Mister. Kissing, smoking and chewing gum is not allowed at all. So, you can say that our school have more discipline than yours.

As you can see, there are lots of differences between us, and it's great to make new friends and get to know another kind of living.

The interview was written by Ann-Sølvi Johansen, Lena Ellingsen, Stine M. Ersvik and Sigrid Winther.
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