From the heat in Trinidad to the snow and ice in Norway

In October 1997, a group of students and teachers from El Dorado Secondary Comprehensive School visited Saltdal Secondary Upper School. We have written about some of the things that happened during their stay in Norway.

Background Info

Two years ago a teacher and a student from Saltdal Secondary School participated in UNESCO's Encounter for teachers and students in New York in connection with UN's 50th anniversary.

A group of teachers involved themselves in the work to develop a UNESCO initiative to a cooperation between schools as a global school network. During this week, a pilot project between Saltdal Secondary School in Norway and El Dorado Secondary Comprehensive School in Trinidad was created. This cooperation has later been developed into a UNESCO programme, The Partnership Solidarity Programme.

Soon the to schools discovered that an ordinary mail system between them wasn't sufficient, so in 96` Saltdal Secondary School decided to send two teachers over to Trinidad with some computers to establish contact through the internet. There were also made plans for the graduating school class from Saltdal to come over to El Dorado in the spring 97. The 20th February, 26 student and 4 teachers went over to their friendship school. They stayed in host families for 8 days before they took off and went for a holiday to Tobago. They came back to Saltdal with a lot of experiences, and didn't regret the trip for a moment. This is why Saltdal Secondary School now has visitors from El Dorado Secondary Comprehensive School. 12 students and 3 teachers have taken the trip to visit our school, and it has been an experience that we will never forget.


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Food from Trinidad and Norway The students are making typical Norwegian and Trinidadian dishes.

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