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Exploring Amistad
Mystic Seaport - The Museum of America and the Sea
These curriculum ideas are starting points to bring the Amistad into your classroom. We have developed three types of curriculum material: Fast access, Traditional curriculum, and Alternative approaches.
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A more general approach to the film. It will take you to a site which consentrates on social studies in general. Check it out!

Comment: The Presentation of the British in the Film
"The British officer is shown as a cross between Abraham Lincoln and a death-camp liberator." Does this represent the general British attitude to slavery? (Why not discuss this in class? - jkm)

Exploring Amistad
Welcome to "Exploring Amistad." Mystic Seaport's site explores the Amistad Revolt of 1839-1842 and how we make history of it.

The Amistad Case
Documents related to the circuit court and Supreme Court cases involving the Amistad and suggestions for teaching activities.

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