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The activites should more or less directly involve the slave ship Fredensborg's last journey. The Norwegian students will apply the storyline methodology, however, it is entirely up to every school and teacher to choose whatever is considered the most convenient and efficient method.
You can read an informative article on the storyline concept here! - and get access to a lot of information in English and Danish here!
An example of a 'Fredensborg-based' Danish storyline designed for 13 year-old pupils can be found here!
I have made a very simple model of different approaches to our particular topic (it's a little bit 'twisted' in Netscape!).
The blue frame represents the last journey of the 'Fredensborg'. The bulk of activities should be related to this.
The light yellow frames in the middle of the model give some few examples of possible group/project works based on the situation in 17th century Africa. All these small frames must in some way be related to the 'Fredensborg', which shouldn't be too difficult.
The outer, red frame visualizes the present situation. In my opinion it is very important to draw the lines from the Atlantic slave trade to the world of today.

I have made 'rooms' for each of the participating nations. Those 'rooms' are supposed to be filled up with all kinds of contributions; articles, short stories, poetry, art, etc.
The contributions should preferably be in English. Do remember that very few of us are native speakers of English, so don't drop writing just because you don't feel that you're good enough! You may, however, add contributions in your own language, too. The first article presented for Italy is in Italian. It has been written for a newspaper, and then, of course, in the national language.

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