I'm workin' on it!
The 'Fredensborg' Site
Gosh - I'm workin', too!

Gradually, this site will be 'filled up' with information on the Danish-Norwegian
slaver, 'Fredensborg', which was caught by a violent gale off the coast of Arendal, Norway
in 1768, and re-discovered in 1974. This is considered to be the most well-documented slave ship of the world.
However, there isn't much to be found here so far.
Further development of this site will take place during the autumn/early winter of 2000 (September-December)
Please, have a look if you want, and feel free to comment on the site as soon as there is something to comment on.
High resolution and millions of colours is a must!!!
Below you will find some information on the progression of the work.
I'd really appreciate suggestions on what you think should be included!

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23 September: Start page completed. No operative links! Tested: Netscape 4.75/ME 5.5 / 17" monitor
15 October: Most of the menu apart from 'The Trade' links ok. Working on 'The Slaver'