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Publicated materials
related to the
UNESCO Triangular Slave Trade Project"
The Triangular Slave Trade Project (TST)

Organized by Jon K. Mřller

Articles from UNESCO Sources No.99/98
"The Slave Route - A Memory Unchained" - by Doudou Dične, Director, Intercultural Projects. The transatlantic slave trade, which fuelled the world economy during the 18th century, saw the greatest deportation in history. This must be said out loud, and we must continue examining the evidence of it... (UNESCO Sources 99/98)
"Maintaining the Ignorance" - by Sophie Boukhari. Shame, guilt, racism and incognizance: for all these reasons textbooks in Europe, America and Africa deal lightly, and inaccurately with the slave trade. (UNESCO Sources 99/98)
"Racism, Philosophy and Economics" - by Nadia Khouri-Dagher. Racist ideology was used to legitimize the slave trade, allowing it to flourish and endure. Did the Enlightenment contribute to this or help defeat it ? (UNESCO Sources 99/98)
"Chain Reactions" - by Sophie Boukhari. The Slave trade depopulated Africa, aggravated ethnic conflict and sparked retreat to a subsistence economy - but is it the root of all the continent's problems? (UNESCO Sources 99/98)
"With Bare Hands and Social Cement" - by Sophie Boukhari. In the New World, the slaves moulded mixed cultures to find the strength to survive, integrate and resist. They continue to be a well-spring of creativity. (UNESCO Sources 99/98)
"The Difficulties of Saying Sorry" - by Amy Otchet. A proposal to make a formal apology to black Americans whose ancestors suffered under slavery proves too hot to handle. (UNESCO Sources 99/98)
"All in the Same Boat" - by Sophie Boukhari. A chapter of Norway's history has resurfaced with the discovery of the wreck of a slave ship off its coast. (UNESCO Sources 99/98)
"A Three-Pronged Approach" - by Doudou Dične. Historical truth, remembrance and intercultural dialogue form the basis of the Slave Route project, which also aims to contribute to building a culture of peace. (UNESCO Sources 99/98)
Articles from UNESCO Publication: "The Slave Route"
UNESCO - "The Slave Route" - Several articles on different aspects of the trade. Issued by UNESCO - Division of Intercultural Projects
Miscelleaneous Articles and Publications
The African Diaspora - "Revisionist Interpretations of Ethnicity, Culture and Religion under Slavery" by Paul E. Lovejoy
Commerce - The Transition from Slave Trade to 'Legimate' Commerce" by Robin Law
Creativity and Survival - "Survivances et Dynamismes des Cultures Africaines dans les Ameriques" Olabiyi Babalola Yai
The "bridge" Project - Proyecto: Puente Africa-America en la ruta del esclavo - Nina de Friedemann

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