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UNESCO Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Project (TST)
A Triangle of Partnership and Solidarity

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Organized by Jon K. Møller

The Growth of the Slave Trade - Maps - Slave trade from 1451 to 1600 / Slave trade from 1601 to 1700 / Slave trade from 1701 to 1810 / Slave trade from 1811 to 1870
West African Slave Trade Map - Illustrating number of slaves that were brought to the southern United States and to all of the Caribbean islands (+South Amarica) from 1701 and 1810.
Charting the African American Journey - A slide-show covering the transport of slaves from Africa to the U.S. + The Underground Railroad, Slave States vs Free states, etc.
Mapping Africa - Africa and the Diaspora Movement - Click on All Maps to View Larger Images
Africa - A nice map of Africa + An Ancient Map of West Africa + How many went where? + Map of West African Slave Sources + Map of North American Destinations + African Instruments in the New World

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