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Musical Traditions
A Triangle of Partnership and Solidarity
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The New Funk Times - George Clinton / Parliament / Funkadelic / P.Funk All-Stars
Parliament Funkadelic - This archival website remains online in tribute to Roger Troutman of Zapp.
Rhythm and Blues:
The Blues:
Influence from Africa - African traditions in American music. Project work by students at Saltdal upper secondary school
Drum Songs ... into the mystic - To study the history of the drum in Africa is to meet the Orishas, the gods summoned through the drums, led by Elegua, in the religion of the West African early slave coast.
Archives of African American Music and Culture - Selected List of Internet Resources for African American Music: Acid Jazz / Art Music of Black Composers / Black Radio / Blues Music / Classical Music / Gospel Music / Jazz / Hip-Hop and Rap Music / Motown / Rhythm and Blues Music / Rock and Roll / Shape Note Singing and Convention Singing / Other Related Web Sites

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