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Organizations Fighting Slavery Today
Anti-Slavery International - Available resources ! Information on the organization is to be found HERE!
ARM - Africa Reparations Movement (more general, but also related to slavery)
Baltimore Anti-Slavery Society (BASS) - Fighting Forced Labor in the Modern World
Boycott Burma - Burma: the South Africa of the Nineties
CASMAS - Coalition Against Slavery in Mauritania and Sudan
Simon Wiesenthal Center - international center for Holocaust remembrance, the defense of human rights and the Jewish people.
S.T.O.P. - Slavery That Oppresses People. S.T.O.P. was founded in 1998 by a fifth-grade class in Denver that wanted to take action on behalf of children now held as chattel slaves in the Sudan.
CFRF - The Center For Religious Freedom
Slavery Today - The American Anti-Slavery Group, Inc. is the only American organization solely dedicated to abolishing modern day slavery worldwide.
South Asian Coalition On Child Servitude - First South Asian joint initiative against bonded labor and child servitude.
Articles and Literature - Recent articles, etc. on modern slavery and slave trade
Debt Bondage - Slavery around the World
"Still in Slavery" - Activists promote awareness of modern slavery
Modern Slavery in Africa is Largely Ignored - By U.S. Black Leaders and Major Media Tens of Thousands Enslaved in Africa Today (The Massachusetts News)
The Slave Trail - In Sudan, people are a commodity to be bought and sold. In part one of our eight-part special report, Sun columnist Linda Slobodian discovers the cruel practice is still going on and talks to those who are risking their lives to end it forever.
Eighth Graders Raise $900 to Free African Slave Children - When the students in Rae Pelletier's eighth grade social studies classes put their knowledge and artistic skills to work, the result was not just another homework project. Their studies produced an effort at social outreach that will soon be directly responsible for the freeing of 8-10 slave children in the North African country of Sudan.
Spotlight on Slavery - DATELINE NBC sent in a team of reporters to investigate Sudanese chattel slavery
The Al Diein Massacres - This is the first report of Sudanese slavery published in the West. Written by two Muslim Arab professors at the University of Khartoum
UN Reports on Slavery in North Africa - “Slavery and Slave-like Practices: Report of the Mission to Mauritania,” + “Situation of Human Rights in the Sudan,”
Mauritania - Modern Day Slave Trade - Find out how men, women, and children are still bought and traded as slaves despite the country's decree against it in 1980.
Emancipation Missions - Christian Solidarity International (CSI) officials secretly fly into the Sudan (at great personal risk) and purchase the freedom of slaves. Over 5,000 slaves have already been redeemed.
The CSI January 1999 Emancipation Mission - Read the trip report an Emancipation Mission that liberated over 1,000 slaves.
Eyewitness To Slavery - Mrs. Jane Alley is a Dinka (African of South Sudan) who narrowly escaped a slave raid on her village by the National Islamic Front (Sudanese government militia).
Resolution to Combat Modern Day Slavery - Presented to NAACP National Board of Director May 20, 1995 By Joseph E. Madison.
Slavery Today And In The Future In The United States (prisoners)
Modern Slave Labor (US prisoners)
Labor Violations In [American] Saipan - ESA Press Release: U.S. Department of Labor Crack Down on Labor Law Violations in Saipan Results in More Court Actions [03/27/98]
Child Labour in Pakistan - Lindsey Harrad uncovers the shocking facts behind modern slavery in priveleged British households.
Trafficking in Women for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation - Mapping the Situation and Existing Organisations Working in Belarus, Russia, the Baltic and Nordic States (x)
Britain's secret slaves - Lindsey Harrad uncovers the shocking facts behind modern slavery in priveleged British households.
``Reflect here upon their lives'' - Meadbh Gallagher examines the controversy behind the Goldenbridge orphanage, the Magdalen laundries and other church institutions for women and children.

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