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Study the articles "UK General Elections in brief" and "UK General Elections".

Based on the two texts above you should be able to answer these open questions now.

"Open Government"
"The 'Yes, Minister' series focuses around three main characters: James (or Jim) Hacker MP, Sir Humphrey Appleby and Bernard Woolley. It starts off with the political party of Jim Hacker that has won the elections and forms a new government. Jim Hacker gets appointed Minister for the Department of Administrative Affairs. At his department he has to work with his Permanent Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby. The interests of both are of course very different. Jim Hacker has to make sure he remains popular (for votes) and that he carries out cabinet's policies (for the PM). Sir Humphrey however is interested in securing and possibly extending the position of his department in terms of staffing and budget. These interests clash of course on numerous occasions. On some occasions however their interests coincide and they have to work together. The character of Bernard Woolley is positioned between the other two. Bernard Woolley is Jim Hacker's Principal Private Secretary. Although he is most of the time sympathetic to Jim Hacker's plans, he is also a civil servant and has loyalties to the civil service and Sir Humphrey."
Source: "The Yes (Prime) Minister Files" - Intro

Check out this brief overview of the episode you are going to read.
Thereafter you read the episode "Open Government" from "Yes Minister" ISBN 0-563-20665-9 (Handout!)
Go through this list of words and expressions from the episode and write sentences in which you use the words actively.

Let us watch the minister and his civil servants in action!
"Yes, Minister" Episode 1: "Open Government" ( - VHS - ASIN: B00004CWDL)

Check yourself by answering these multiple choice questions



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