A Sense of the Past - Multiple Choice

1. Who was Winston Churchill?

Prime Minister during World War I
Prime Minister during World War II
Prime Minister between the two world wars

2. Who was Emmeline Pankhurst?

The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
The first woman to be elected an MP
A leading suffragette who fought for voting rights for women

3. When did Queen Elizabeth I reign?

In the 14th century
In the 15th century
In the 16th century

4. What was the Blitz?

A German attack on the western front during World War I
German air raids on England in 1940-41
British air attacks on German towns towards the end of World War II

5. When was the Victorian age?

The period 1837-1901
The period 1901-1914
The period 1914-1939

6. How many times did Henry VIII, the father of Elizabeth I, marry?

Three times
Six times

7. What is Stonehenge?

An important battlefield
A medieval cathedral
A place of ancient worship

8. Who was Florence Nightingale?

The founder of the nursing profession
A well-known female scientist in the Victorian Age
A well-known Victorian novellist

9. Which important event took place in England in 1066?

English forces occupied parts of France
French forces invaded England
English forces occupied Ireland