'Brother Death' by Sherwood Anderson



= Compulsory

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Mål: eleven skal
1e kunne drøfte og vurdere skjønnlitterære tekstar
4b munnleg og skriftleg kunne analysere og drøfte innhald, personar og tema og vise korleis litterære verkemiddel er brukte i eit representativt utval tekstar frå tida etter 1900.


Read 'Sherwood Anderson - A Biography' and the short story 'Brother Death'.


Answer the following questions:
  1. Give a description of John Grey
  2. What does the author think of John Grey? (admiration, pity, contempt, respect, sympathy, ??)
  3. What similarities and what differences are there between John Grey and his son Don. What do they feel for each other?
  4. Is there any suggestion in the story that John Grey loved his som Don better than the other children?
  5. Describe the relations between:
    Ted and Mary
    Ted and Mary and the others
    John Grey and his wife
    John Grey and his son Don
  6. Give a description of the Aspinwahls
  7. What part do the two trees play in the story?
  8. In what way may the story be said to be a story of
  9. Old age and youth
  10. Materialism and idealism
  11. Life and death
  12. Show how the story may be taken as an illustration of the following passage from the Bible: 'For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?' (Matt. 16,26)

Give an oral presentation of: