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Norway - Main land

The School NetThe Norwegian School Net is an electronic meeting place for school staff, students and parents, and anyone else with an interest in schools.
GeneralThe Constitution of Norway
GeneralODIN - Official Documentation and Information from Norway - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
GeneralFacts about Norway (VG)
HistoryGeneral information - The History of Norway
HistoryGeneral information - The Vikings in Norway, Sweden and Denmark
HistoryThe Census of Norway from the year 1801 (The Institute of History, Bergen)
ReligionChristianity in Norway
StatistikkStatistisk Sentralbyrå
StatisticsStatistics by subject (source: Statistics Norway)
StatisticsStatistics in Norway
ChristmasChristmas in Norway - Norwegian Christmas traditions in earlier times and today
PoliticsThe Conservative Party of Norway (Høyre)
RecreationRecreation in Norway
GeographyHistoric Climatological Data from 52 Stations in Norway
GeographyState of the Environment Norway - Acid Rain
GeographyState of the Environment Norway - Climatic Change: The Use of Fossile Fuels in Norway
GeographyState of the Environment Norway - Climatic Change: Manmade Greenhouse gasses
GeographyState of the Environment Norway - Climatic Change: Global average Temperature
GeographyState of the Environment Norway - Climatic Change: The Ozone Layer
Geography'Det grønne arktis' (Norwegian)
Geography'The green Arctic' (English)

Norway - Spitsbergen (Svalbard)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
The Svalbard Pages
Svalbard -- "The land of the cold coasts" : ODIN - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs - General Information
Svalbard - A broad range of information, from history to environmental protection.
Norsk Polarinstitutt - Welcome to Norwegian Polar Institute's Svalbard office.
Norsk Polarinstitutt - Research in Svalbard
NTIN : Svalbard
Outdoor SE - Svalbard, ett Arktisk äventyr
Forskrift om naturminner på Svalbard
Russerflukt fra Svalbard
NIS - The University Courses on Svalbard
UNIS Study Handbook - Courses at UNIS
TravelWorld - About Svalbard
EISCAT Svalbard Radar: Studying the Polar Atmosphere and Terrestrial Ionosphere
Remote sensing of vegetation change in Arctic, Svalbard
Svalbard - Brief info and a map
My trip to Svalbard, 1995
Ryker Svalbard sonen?
Balkaninbreen - Svalbard
Svalbard Vascular Flowers
Polar Technology Programme, the SINTEF group - Svalbard Shoreline Project
Structural geography of Svalbard
Det grønne arktis
First results from ERS tandem INSAR studies on Svalbard
NN : Exploration - Norwegian Explorers
State of the Environment Norway - Biodiversity
Dr. Lennart Nilsen - Arctic vegetation, vegetation mapping, phytososiology, ecology, remote sensing, GIS
The Arctic Adventure - Svalbard : A Travelogue From Svalbard
Svalbard Vascular Plants

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