National costumes and independence day in Norway

The "Bunad"

The Norwegian national costume is called "Bunad. It's been a tradition for centuries to wear this costume and primary the Norwegian people wear it on their national day (17th May). They also wear it in other special occasions, like weddings, confirmations and christenings. Every region/county has it's own suit/costume or maybe several, and there are various types all over the country. Embroideries, broaches and the different colors on the suits are special for each region/county. The suit is mostly worn by women, but there are suits for men too.

17th May

17th May 1814 Norway got their own constitution and became independent from Denmark. This day became their national day and they celebrate it every year all over the country. The Norwegian people join a march, where the school is highly represented by the schoolchildren. The people are well dressed and the "Bunad" is frequented used. This day is child-centered where everybody is supposed to be happy, and Norwegian flags, speeches, good food and off course, the national anthem is very important. The Norwegian citizens have the day off.

National costumes and independence day in Trinidad

In Trinidad the indians and the africans have their own national suits, which they wear when they have their own independence day. The Trinidadian independence day is celebrated 31th of August, and on this day, the citizens of Trinidad have the day off. Trinidad became a republic in 1972. The Trinidadians celebrate this day with fireworks in the savannah in the capital. They have a parade which is led by the military, and families get together and there are speeches and special programs like in Norway.

The indies have three different national costumes: Dhotis, Saris and Shalwars. The Africans have the Dashiki. They wear these costumes in special occasions.

Written by Lena Ellingsen and Kjersti Moen Fagerheim.

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