Dear students, teachers and administrators!

We are proud to present you a new edition of the the El Dorado and Saltdal School Magazine. This is a very special net-zine, because it is produced for, and by students from two partnerschools in Norway (Saldal Secondary Upper School) and Trinidad Tobago (El Dorado Secondary Comprehensive School).

This magazine is dependent on students (teachers are also welcome) writing aritcles. If you want to write something, do not hesitate, but send your article to per-kn@online.no, and we will post it in the magazine.

We hope we will experience a growing number of articles of all kinds from both schools.

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From Trinidad to Norway
Saldal Secondary School was visited by students and teachers from El Dorado.

Christmas Celebration
Read about how christmas is celebrated in Norway and Trinidad.

Internasjonal Uke og OD
The article is only available in Norwegian .

Special traditions and celebration of the independence day in Norway and Trinidad & Tobago.

Modern Norwegian writers
An article about Jostein Gaarder's "Sofie's World" .

Sports in Norway/Trinidad
An article about sports.

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