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One of the most popular sports in Norway is skiing. We have ski jumping, classic skiing, and skiing free-style. Our most famous skiers are Bjoern Daehlie, Vegard Ulvang and Thomas Alsgaard. Skiing is almost as popular as football, however football is played mostly in the summer while skiing is a winter sport. Here are a Trinidadian and a Norwegian profile:

Ato Boldon was born 30th December 1973. At the age of 17 he won both 100- and 200-meters events at World Junior Championships. At Barcelona Olympics he represented Trinidad and Tobago in 100-and 200 meter. At 21, Ato was the youngest athlete ever to mount the rostrum in a World Championship. He is well known and very popular in Europe. His personal best is the 100-meter is 9.89 sec. At the 200-meter event it is 19.77 sec, which makes him one of the worlds` fastest men ever!

Vebjørn Rodal was born 16th December 1972 in Berkåk near Trondheim. He competed in his first world championship when he was 18. With help from his very good trainer, Kjell Arve Huseby, he managed to get good results. He didn't reach the top until the 1996 Olympic Games where he won the 800-meter event, and achieved a legendary gold medal. The gold-time, 1.42.58, was the world record until recently. His biggest opponent Wilson Kipketer beat it.

Written by Petter N. Pettersen

Ato Boldon
Vebjørn Rodal
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