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Available Films
related to the
UNESCO Triangular Slave Trade Project"
The Triangular Slave Trade Project (TST)

1.Africa 1 & 2 (1984) A documentary on the history of Africa by historian Basil Davidson.

2. Amistad (USA, 1997) The films tells the story of 53 captured Africans who revolt on board the "La Amistad", a Spanish slave ship carrying them to the USA. The mutiny leads to the imprisonment of the Africans and the beginning of a long trial which gives us a glimpse of the transatlantic slave trade. This real incident is believed to have precipitated the Civil War in the USA.

3. Glory (USA, 1987) The story of the famous 54 th all-black regiment which fought with the Union in the American Civil War.

3. La Promesse (Belgium, 1996): (Norsk tittel: Løftet) An interesting and realistic film about illegal immigration and black labour in contemporary Belgium. The film shows very clearly the dangers of these practices.

4. The Adventures of Huck Finn (USA, 1993) Film based on Mark Twainls classic book which tackles the issue of the impossible friendship between a young boy Huck Finn and his best friend Jim, a runaway slave. A film about freedom, equality and friendship.

5. The Colour Purple (1985) One of the few major Hollywood dramas to concern itself with the life of Black,women in a post-slavery era. The film is based on Alice Walker's novel.

6. The Mission (England, 1986) Winner of the Palme d'or in Cannes 1986, the Mission is the story of a slave-hunter who, following the murder of his brother, joins a Jesuit mission in what is now Paraguay and finds himself in the middle of a territorial conflict involving Indians, Jesuits, Spain and Portugal. The film raises issues of ethics, religion and colonialism. It is based on Robert Boltls novel "The Mission" (1986). Penguin Books, Harmondsworth. (ISBN 0-4-009425-3).

7. The James Mink Story (USA, 1994) The story of a young educated woman, born of a free black Canadian and a white Canadian woman who is sold to a plantation-owner in the USA by her white husband.

Other Films (Not available in Norway)

8. Peter Von Scholten (Denmark, 1987) A film about Von Scholten, governor of the Danish Virgin Islands, who, in 1848, abolished slavery in the colonies.

9. Sankofa (USA, 1993) Written, directed and produced by Ethiopian-born filmmaker Haile Gerima. The African/African-American perspective of the travel to the past by a young contemporary model who experiences slavery and life on a plantation.

10. Sugar Cane Alley (France, 1983. Original title: Rue Cases-Någres) Based on the novel by martinique writer Joseph Zobel and directed by Martinique director Euzhan Palcy, the story of an 11 year old boy and his grandmother living on a cane plantation in Martinique.

11. Through the Door of No Return (USA, 1997?) Personal journey by filmmaker Shirikiana Aina to Ghana and confronting her difficult past.

12. La derniere cåne (Tomas Gutierrez Alea)

13. Les descendants de la nuit Edmond Albius, esclave prodige

Coming soon:

1. "A Man called Toussaint" by Haile Gerima and Med Hondo,on the revolutionary Haitian of the l8th century, Toussaint L'Ouverture.

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