The Fredensborg crew before departure from Copenhagen in 1767

The crew list before the departure from Copenhagen in 1767:

Rank + NameMonthly payment
Captain Espen Kiønig24 rixdaler
Chief Officer Peder Christian Lundberg16 rixdaler
Ship's assistant Christian Andreas Hoffmann10 rixdaler
Ship's surgeon Joachim Chrisopher Sixtus10 rixdaler
Second mate Johan Frantzen Ferentz10 rixdaler
Petty officer Carl Friedrich Engmann7 rixdaler
Third mate Gunner Christian Beck9 rixdaler
Fourth mate and steward Andreas S. Gadt8 rixdaler
Boatswain Christopher Rosenberg9 rixdaler
Chief carpenter Jacob Jacobsen Beck6 rixdaler
Cook Nicolay Ørgensen8 rixdaler
Quartermaster Abraham Engmann7 rixdaler
Carpenter Johan Jacob Kock2 rixdaler
Cooper Ivert Jacobsen8 rixdaler
Sailmaker John Andersen6 rixdaler
Boatswain's mate Peder Thorsen Nordbergen6.5 riksdaler
Able seaman Thomas Greissen5.5 rixdaler
Able seaman Andreas Friderich Schlacke5.5 rixdaler
Able seaman Hans Ivertsen5.5 rixdaler
Able seaman Ragnal Nielsen5.5 rixdaler
Able seaman Ole Nicolaysen5.5 rixdaler
Able seaman Antoni Olsen5.5 rixdaler
Able seaman Peder Johnsen5.5 rixdaler
Able seaman Jens Pedersen5 riksdaler
Able seaman Claus Larsen5 rixdaler
Able seaman Jens Sivertsen5 rixdaler
Able seaman Niels Mathisen Fredsberg5 rixdaler
Able seaman Peder Holm5 rixdaler
Able seaman Peter Didrichsen Grønberg5 rixdaler
Able seaman Jochum Bollvardt5 rixdaler
Able seaman Friedrich Jenssen Kruse5 rixdaler
Cook's mate Abraham Christophersen4 rixdaler
Ordinary seaman Hans Andersen Skoemager3.5 rixdaler
Ordinary seaman Peder Madsen Sckow4 rixdaler
Ordinary seaman Wogn Olsen3 rixdaler
Ordinary seaman Andreas Skaaning3.5 rixdaler
Ordinary seaman Aye2 rixdaler
Ship's boy Erich Ancker2.5 rixdaler
Ship's boy Ole Erichsen2 rixdaler
Ship's boy Bendt Thomsen2 rixdaler

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