From the cartoon - Loading the Fredensborg in Copenhagen

Supplies of food and drink:
White rice - 3,400 kg Pork - 4 barrels Red rice - 1,000 kg
Hams - 60 whole Horse beans - 9,320 litres Beef - 44 barrels
Peas - 10,200 litres Ship's bread - 5,800 kg Soft bread - 450 kg
Butter - 2,055 kg Brandy - 64,265 lbs Brandy (on board) - 3,872 lbs
Beer for officers and cabin - 9,530 lbs Barley groats - 200 barrels Lamb
Dutch cheese Stockfish Klip-fish
Pickled herring Salt cod Oats
Fish oil Rye meal Red wine
Old wine New wine Rhine wine
Wheat flour French brandy Wine vinegar
Prussian beer Pearl barley Prunes
Raisins Tapioca Currants
Pepper Dried cherries Ginger
Cinnamon English mustard Saffron
Cloves Coffee beans Nutmeg
Cardamom Brown sugar Rock candy
Granulated sugar Congo tea Green tea
Bohea (black) tea

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