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The Caribbean and the Slave Trade
A Triangle of Partnership and Solidarity
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Organized by Jon K. Møller

Octroy + Slavelover + Arbeidsreglement - Slave laws, octroy and rules of labour for the Danish islands in the Caribbean by Leif Calundann Larsen. Sorry! Scandinavian (Danish) only, so far
On Slavery - Sublimus Dei 1537 - Paul III Pope. To all faithful Christians to whom this writing may come, health in Christ our Lord and the apostolic benediction. (x)
Codes Noir - Slave laws for the French islands. In French only (so far)
Le Code Noir Espagnol - Slave laws for the Spanish islands. In French only (so far)
"The Fugitive Slave Law of 1793" By Lauren Giacco - The first United States Fugitive Slave Law was passed by Congress in 1793. Included here due to the 'slave-law' section
'Morada' - This site is part of a game. Choose 'Return Home' to start playing. 'Morada' is a fictitious Caribbean Island, and its history is a mixture of ingredients taken from the history of a number of Caribbean islands. I haven't had time to check this out, but it seems interesting. Please, send me some feedback if you either play the game and/or read the entire history of 'Morada'.
Slavery, Sugar, and Abolition - "Influences of British Imperialist Economic Fortunes on Slavery, Sugar, and Abolition" by Jennifer M. Payne - Caribbean History
The Political Economy of the Caribbean - In-depth analysis of economic development in the colonial period and 19th century by Ralph Lee Woodward, Jr. Focuses on the institution of slavery and the rise of plantation economies.
Sick Slaves - Alexander Falconbridge describes the reaction of enslaved Africans to their sale.
Antigua - Brief overview of the island's history. Includes discussions of the transition from slavery and recent political events.
Barbadian Sugar - Tobacco&Sugar, The Carlisle Grant, The First Sugar Boom
Barbadian Slavery - White Slave Trade, The Origins of African Slavery, The Navigation Acts, Slave Emancipation
Barbados - The Abbreviated History of Barbados
Voodoo: From Medicine to Zombies - Today voodoo is accepted in Haiti and practiced in the Dominican Republic, New York, Miami and other haitian communities in exile. Our editors will be bringing you new information every week on every aspect of this Caribbean religion.
Islam in Jamaica - A very brief history of Islam in Jamaica
The U.S. Virgin Islands
St. John revolt - The sound of a cannon pierced the 3:00 morning air in St. John on Nov. 23, 1733. For the Blacks on St. John this announced the start of a slave revolt, but for the Whites it served as one of the largest massacres in Caribbean history.

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