Topic(s) vk2 - week 2

The main topic this week will be ethnic minorities in the UK.
We are also going to look at some historical facts.

Resources vk2 - Week 2

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What to do - Week 2

Mål: eleven skal
3a ha kunnskapar om innvandring til og folkegrupper i Storbritannia og USA

You should have read the articles "Britain - A Sense of the past" and "Ethnic Minorities in the UK" at home!
Study the statistics on minorities in Britain and "Race in Britain: the facts" . You will also find relevant information in "Facts & Figures".

Make a list of the ethnic minorities in Britain in which you present the size of the different groups, and where they have settled down (roughly).
Look up information on the British Empire and the Commonwealth in "Encyclopedia Britannica" (library) and study the information given by "The Commonwealth Secretariat". Check "Member Countries" in the left column.
Write some sentences about the countries from which the different ethnic minorities come, in which you emphasize their former and contemporary links with the British Empire / Commonwealth.

Write a brief report on the degree of success of the different ethnic groups in Britain.
Base your report on the article "Race in Britain: the facts" .

Make a list of (at least 20) words which can be useful when you discuss multi-culturalism (e.g. ethnic, asylum, assimilation, etc.).

Please, do this multiple-choice excercise! (from: "Britain - A Sense of the Past")