The Political System of the UK 3 (sm)



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Mål: eleven skal
3c ha kunnskapar om politiske system i Storbritannia (og USA)
3d ha kunnskapar om Storbritannias (og USAs) rolle i verdssamfunnet


Find the most obvious differences between the composition of the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
Do the same with regard to the organisation of the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
Finally, describe the role of the House of Lords.


From bills to acts: Describe the Parliamentary stages a proposed bill has to pass before it is an act.
Don't just copy the official page! You may rather make a list of the headings of the different stages and then try to write the text of the paragraphs yourself.
This flow chart will give you the basics (it may take some time to load, and you'll need the flash player installed.

Compare the British system of passing acts with the similar procedure in the Norwegian National Assembly (the Storting). If you don't remember the Norwegian procedure too well this link will give you a brief repetition.


Britain in the world:
Be sure that you know the general functions of all these organizations.
Which rôle does Britain play within the organizations?
Make 24 intelligent questions and answers related to Britain's position within the organizations!
Some help...


Make a limited set of multiple choice questions (app. 15) on the most important institutions of the European Union.