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This week will give you information about immigration to Britain. Post-war immigration is emphasised, but you will definitely benefit from having a certain knowledge about ancient immigration as well.
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Immigration to Great Britain


The main topic this week will be immigration to Britain.

We are going to concentrate on:
  • Historical immigration (invasions included)
  • Immigration after 1945
  • Today's refugees
  • Racism in Britain
  • Culture conflict and identity crisis
  • Religious and educational concerns


= Compulsory
  • Text: "A Multi-Racial, Multi-Cultural Society?" (Gyldendal/"Victory" p. 78)
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What to do...

Mål: eleven skal
3a ha kunnskapar om innvandring til og folkegrupper i Storbritannia og USA

You should have read the article "A Multi-Racial, Multi-Cultural Society?" at home!
Study the key dates in immigration to Britain. You are not supposed to learn everything in this time-line, but to concentrate on the following years(AD):
43, 410, 793 (not specified), 1066, 1660, 1789, 1845-48, 1948, 1962, 1972, 1981
Give a brief explanation of the importance of the specified years with regard to immigration.

Read either this profile of British Nationality Law or a Background to British Nationality Law .
Give a summary of the main differences between the British Nationality Acts of 1948 and 1981.

Read An A-Z of asylum seekers carefully.
Pinpoint those 'letters' which you find relevant in Norway as well as in Britain.
Explain why!

Do this multiple-choice exercise!

Read about the "Empire Windrush".
What kind of ship was it, and why do you think it is important as a symbol?

Work in pairs or groups.
Read "Remember the Ship" by John Agard and discuss the poem.

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