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General Elections:

The United Kingdom has a system of parliamentary government. By this we mean that the Government must enjoy the support of Parliament - in other words a larger number of Members of Parliament (MPs) vote with the Government that against it.
The most crucial event in British politics is therefore the general election because its result decides which men and women become Members of Parliament. This, in turn, determines who forms the Government.

"Consider" - Capp.
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The Political System of the UK 1 (sm)


The main topic this week will be UK general elections.
We are also going to read one episode taken from the BBC television comedies "Yes Minister" and "Yes Prime Minister"..
  • UK general elections
  • "Open Government"


= Compulsory

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What to do...

Mål: eleven skal
3c ha kunnskapar om politiske system i Storbritannia

Study the articles "UK General Elections: The Facts , The Process and The Campaign

Open questions to the article UK General Elections: The Facts

Read the episode "Open Government" (from "Yes Minister" - Handout)
Go through this list of words and expressions from the episode and write sentences in which you use the words actively.

Check yourself by answering these multiple choice questions

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