"Tobago - The Island of Robinson Crusoe"

A Detailed Map of Tobago

This is my island in the sun . . .

These pages are dedicated to the warm, friendly and beautiful people of the magnificient Caribbean island of Tobago. I guess this site will be 'under construction' for ever, as I will carry on adding 'glimpses' in the years to come. Everything here is based on my own experiences and therefore utterly subjective, however, it may perhaps be to some help if you're going to Tobago for the first time.

Transport The ideal solution is to rent a car, preferably a jeep. If you don't want to drive yourself (left-hand drive), hire a local taxi driver for a day or two.
Accomodation The big and expensive tourist machines at Mount Irvine, Grafton, etc. have their own Internet pages. Here are some local ones (only two so far!) which I know are less expensive, and with a warmer and more personal atmosphere
Maps A relatively detailed map of Trinidad&Tobago, one of Tobago alone, and a more detailed one of Tobago. The latter will be equipped with clickable 'hotspots'. So far, only a feew places has been added.
Information Books, brochures and Internet links


This is my island in the sun
Where my people have toiled since time begun.
I may sail on many a sea
Her shores will always be home to me.

Oh, island in the sun,
Willed to me by my father's hand
All my days I will sing and praise
Of your forests, waters, your shining sands.

As morning breaks the heaven on high
I lift my heavy load to the sky.
Sun comes down with a burning glow
Mingles my sweat with the earth below.

I see woman on bended knees
Cutting cane for her family.
I see man at the water side
Casting nets at the surging tide.

I hope the day will never come
That I can't awake to the sound of a drum,
Never let me miss carnival
With calypso songs philosophical.

(Harry Belafonte)

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