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Europe and the Slave Trade
A Triangle of Partnership and Solidarity

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Organized by Jon K. Møller

Slave laws:
Octroy + Slavelover + Arbeidsreglement - Slave laws, octroy and rules of labour for the Danish islands in the Caribbean by Leif Calundann Larsen. (Danish)
Codes Noir - Slave laws for the French Caribbean islands. (French)
Franske Slavelover - Slave laws for the French Caribbean islands. (Norwegian)(x)
Le Code Noir Espagnol - Slave laws for the Spanish islands. (French)
Spanske Slavelover - Slave laws for the Spanish Caribbean islands. (Norwegian) (x)
On Slavery - Sublimus Dei 1537 - Paul III Pope. To all faithful Christians to whom this writing may come, health in Christ our Lord and the apostolic benediction. (x)
'Morada' - This site is part of a game. Choose 'Return Home' to start playing. 'Morada' is a fictitious Caribbean Island, and its history is a mixture of ingredients taken from the history of a number of Caribbean islands. I haven't had time to check this out, but it seems interesting. Please, send me some feedback if you either play the game and/or read the entire history of 'Morada'.
From Africa to Europe - European Role In The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
Slave Trade in Britain - Slavery and the Slave Trade in Britain: An Overview
Slavery, Sugar, and Abolition - "Influences of British Imperialist Economic Fortunes on Slavery, Sugar, and Abolition" by Jennifer M. Payne - Caribbean History
Bristol, England - Bristol, as England's second port, grew wealthy from the late 17th century onwards from a combination of the slave trade and the trade in slave-produced commodities.

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