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Activities to 'Mother'

'The Wall' by Pink Floyd


Before listening to the song:
Write down the first five words that you associate with the word


Talk to the student next to you and think of five GOOD things that parents do for their children, and five BAD things:




Now listen to the first two stanzas of the text. They are muddled up so number the lines in the right order:

Mother should I trust the Government?
Ooh Mother should I build a wall?
Mother do you think they'll drop the bomb?
Mother should I run for President?
Mother do you think they'll like this song?
Mother do you think they'll try to break my balls?
Mother will they put me in the firing line?
Ooh now is it just a waste of time?


Which adjectives do you think best describe the mood of the singer:

  • Optimistic
  • Angry
  • Frightened
  • Aggressive
  • Depressed
  • Lonely


Which of the following would you expect a good mother to say:

"I hope you sleep badly and have nightmares"
"I'll keep you cosy and warm"
"I'll make you feel so frightened you'll scream"
"I'll look after you and keep you under my wing"


Now listen to the next two stanzas and fill in the blanks:

Hush now baby, baby don't you ____________

Mamma's __________________make all of your ____________ come true

Mamma's gonna put all of her ____________ into you

Mamma's gonna keep you here right _______________________

She won't let you _____________ but she might let you ___________

Mamma's gonna keep ____________________ and ____________


Now listen to the fifth stanza. Who do you think SHE is?

Mother do you think she's ____________________ for me?

Mother do you think she's ____________________ to me?

Mother will she ___________ your little boy ___________ ?

Ooh now mother will she ____________ my ____________ ?


Now listen to the last part of the song, putting + if you think this is a good thing for mothers to do, and - if you think not:

Mamma's gonna check out all your girl friends for you

Mamma won't let anyone dirty get through

Mamma's gonna wait up until you get in

Mamma will always find out where you've been

Mamma's gonna always keep baby healthy and clean


Consider the following questions and tick the most appropiate answer:

Parents should give their children atime to get in by at night. Why?
  1. Always

  2. Sometimes

  3. Never

Parents should decide what music and books their children have. Why?
  1. Always

  2. Sometimes

  3. Never

Parents have the right to ask their children any questions they want. Why?
  1. Always

  2. Sometimes

  3. Never

Children should obey their parents without question. Why?
  1. Always

  2. Sometimes

  3. Never


The two verselines below are taken from the online lyrics (or use the blackboard).

"Of course Mama's gonna help build the wall"
"Mother did it need to be so high"

Discuss what might be meant by these two verselines and give an interpretation of the complete text.


Discuss how the text "Mother" functions within the frame of the entire album.

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