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'The Wall' and 'Is-slottet'

By Pink Floyd and Tarjei Vesaas

'The Wall' in class?? Isn't it just a waste of time?
I guess a lot of teachers will just nod their heads off. With far too little time available - why spend time on some rock'n roll music?

The simple answer is that 'The Wall' isn't just 'some rock'n roll music'! 'The Wall' is a tremendously powerful piece of art presenting different aspects of our modern civilization in a way which gives room for a multitude of interpretations based on different levels of generalization.
It is time-typical, but also timeless, it is just as relevant to the individual philosopher as to the social scientist, it is an integration of poetry, music and moving pictures, and, it is meaningful to people of all ages.
With such a wide scope 'The Wall' is the ideal basis for cooperation between teachers of different subjects. Teachers and students of English, Social Science, your national main language and literature (here: Norwegian), etc. could easily find 'meeting places' for curricular integration and project work.

I have been using 'The Wall' in class for years, and should probably have grown tired a long time ago.
The motivating force, however, is that every time we work with it some students find new and interesting approaches.

So, the intention behind these pages is not merely to present traditional Pink Floyd stuff.
I just want to give some hints about the way we work with it.
If you have ideas about teaching methods, thematic links between 'The Wall' and different subjects, e.g. your national literature, Social Science, etc. - please, send some words!

(By the way - I know the 'rainbow triangle' is from 'The Dark Side of the Moon' I just like it!)

oppdatert 19.03.2018
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