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Immigration to the U.K.

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  1. What groups of people had come to England before the Middle Ages?

  2. Who came to Britain between the 11th and the 17th century?
    What did they contribute to the British society? Source: "Focus" (Gyldendal)

  3. What kind of immigrants were welcomed to Britain during the 18th and 19th centuries?

  4. What immigrant groups found refuge in Britain between and during the two world wars?

  5. After WWII the pattern of immigration to Britain changed. Give a short description of this change.

  6. What is the 1951 Geneva Convention on refugees?

  7. Define the term "illegal immigrant"

  8. What is the punishment for lorry-drivers bringing illegal immigrants to Britain?

  9. What is the National Asylum Support Service?

  10. What are so-called 'pre-entry controls'?

  11. Define the term 'refugee'

  12. What does the word 'xenophobia' mean?

  13. What was 'The Empire Windrush' - and what does it symbolize today?

  14. When did the post-war non-European mass-immigration to Britain start?
    From where did the immigrants come, and why did they go to Britain?

  15. What are the general rules for acquiring British citizenship automatically (since 1 January 1983)?

  16. In her article, 'Multi Racial Britain', Diane Abbot mentions various ethnic minority contributions to the British society. Do you remember any of those?

  17. How many immigrants have arrived in England from India, Pakistan, the Caribbean and China? (April 2001)

  18. How many people belonging to ethnic minority groups are there in the United Kingdom (number + percent of the population)

  19. What does the government do to prevent an accumulation of refugees in the London area?

  20. Give an interpretation of the poem "Remember the Ship" by John Agard

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