General Election?"; $o[4] = "What will the Prime Minister do when an election is called?"; $o[5] = "Who are eligible to become a candidate at a parliamentary election?"; $o[6] = "What is a constituency?"; $o[7] = "Which are the two dominating political parties in the UK?"; $o[8] = "During election campaigns candidates from the parties will canvass the public for votes. What does this mean?"; $o[9] = "What is a party manifesto?"; $o[10] = "Who are eligible to vote?"; $o[11] = "What does everyone who is entitled to vote do on polling day (if they don't choose to stay home)?"; $o[12] = "First Past the Post is the name usually given to the voting system used in the UK for general elections. What does this mean?"; $o[13] = "What is meant by a hung parliament? Can you find another name for it?"; $o[14] = "A candidate can win his/her constituency with far less than 50% of the votes. How can this happen?"; $o[15] = "What will the Queen do after all of the results are known?"; $o[16] = "What will the new Prime Minister do after a general election?"; $o[17] = "What is the Shadow Cabinet?"; $o[18] = "What is the State Opening of Parliament?"; $svar[1] = " In Britain a Parliament serves for a maximum of five years as set out by The Parliament Act 1911, after which it is dissolved and a General Election is held. "; $svar[2] = " It is dissolved and a General Election is held. "; $svar[3] = " A General Election is when the electors of the country cast their votes to elect Members of Parliament. "; $svar[4] = " He visits the monarch in order to dissolve the existing parliament and the political parties begin their election campaigns. "; $svar[5] = " To be eligible to become a candidate at a parliamentary election you must be a British, Commonwealth or Irish Republic citizen and aged 21 or over. "; $svar[6] = " Britain is divided into areas called constituencies and each constituency represents one seat in Parliament. "; $svar[7] = " The Labour Party and The Conservative Party "; $svar[8] = " When the candidates \"canvass\" the public for votes at an election, the candidates and their supporters will go from door to door around the constituency talking to the electorate, handing out leaflets, as well as holding public meetings in order to win votes. On election day itself they will encourage people to out and vote. "; $svar[9] = " A manifesto is a public declaration of the ideas and policies of a political party. It is usually published during the campaign before a General Election. Each party draws up its manifesto after a lot of consultation with members of its party. The manifesto contains a description of what the party will do if it wins the election and becomes the Government. "; $svar[10] = " Most people over the age of 18 are eligible to vote if they have registered to do so. "; $svar[11] = " Everyone who is entitled to vote will vote for their choice of candidate to represent their constituency and its interests in the House of Commons. Voters put a cross next to the candidate they have chosen on a ballot (voting) paper. They then fold the paper and put it into a ballot box. "; $svar[12] = " MPs represent individual constituencies and each constituency elects its representative to Parliament. The candidate with the most votes in each constituency becomes its MP. "; $svar[13] = " A party that wins more than half of the seats in the Commons is said to have an `overall majority' and can therefore form the government. If no party manages to win an overall majority then there is a 'hung parliament' and some parties will combine to form a coalition government. "; $svar[14] = " If more than two parties, e.g. Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Pary have representatives in a constituency, they may share the votes more or less evenly between them. The candidate with most votes behind her/him will become the constituency's MP even if she/he has won only a little bit more than one third of the votes. "; $svar[15] = " She will usually invite the leader of the party winning the most seats in the House of Commons to be Prime Minister and to form a Government. "; $svar[16] = " He will appoint approximately 115 members of his party from both Houses to become Cabinet or more junior ministers to form the Government. "; $svar[17] = " After the general election the second largest party becomes the Official Opposition with a small group of its MPs being chosen to form the Shadow Cabinet. Its leader is known as the Leader of the Opposition. "; $svar[18] = " The Monarch will officially open the new Parliament after a general elction and the business of government can begin again. 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