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General Elections in the UK

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  1. How many years can a Parliament serve?

  2. What takes place when a Parliament has served for the maximum number of years?

  3. What is a General Election?

  4. What will the Prime Minister do when an election is called?

  5. Who are eligible to become a candidate at a parliamentary election?

  6. What is a constituency?

  7. Which are the two dominating political parties in the UK?

  8. During election campaigns candidates from the parties will canvass the public for votes. What does this mean?

  9. What is a party manifesto?

  10. Who are eligible to vote?

  11. What does everyone who is entitled to vote do on polling day (if they don't choose to stay home)?

  12. First Past the Post is the name usually given to the voting system used in the UK for general elections. What does this mean?

  13. What is meant by a hung parliament? Can you find another name for it?

  14. A candidate can win his/her constituency with far less than 50% of the votes. How can this happen?

  15. What will the Queen do after all of the results are known?

  16. What will the new Prime Minister do after a general election?

  17. What is the Shadow Cabinet?

  18. What is the State Opening of Parliament?

oppdatert 11.02.2018
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