The System of Government

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Main sources:
"New Perspectives" (Aschehoug)
A-Z of Parliament (BBC)

Some useful links:

  1. What is a constitution?

  2. How are constitutional principles defined in Britain?

  3. What is "Magna Carta"? Where and when was it signed by whom?

  4. What were the most important clauses of Magna Carta?

  5. How is power distributed within the central government?

  6. What function does the monarch have and what problems does the Queen face today?

  7. Are the number of Members of Parliament static?
    How many MPs are there today?

  8. Both the members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords are actually Members of Parliament. Do we refer to the members of both Houses when using the term 'Member of Parliament' (MP)?

  9. What is a constituency and how many constituencies are there?

  10. What are the main functions of Parliament?

  11. Why is Parliament called Westminster?

  12. Who keeps order in the House of Commons, and what are his/her major duties?
    Which political party does he/she represent, and how does he/she vote?
    How is he/she elected?

  13. The House of Commons is definitely the most powerful part of Parliament. What functions does the House of Lords have?

  14. What is the difference between the "Government" and the "Cabinet"?

  15. What is a bill?

  16. What is meant by an "Act of Government"?

  17. Give a brief outline of the different stages a proposed bill will have to pass.

  18. What is a backbencher?

  19. What is meant by lobbying?



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