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North and South: Civil War - part 1

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  1. In the Caribbean slavery was fuelled by the profitable production of 'King Sugar'. What was the major agricultural product of the southern states and why did this production stimulate the increase of the number of slaves?

  2. Can you imagine any political consequences of the spread of slavery to other territories and states?

  3. What was the Missouri Compromise?

  4. The southerner John C. Calhoun (ref. the movie 'Amistad') presented an idea which became known as the "states' rights doctrine". What was this 'doctrine' and why was it heavily opposed by the northerners?

  5. What was the Fugitive Act and the Underground Railroad?

  6. Which stand did the Republican Party and the Democratic Party take on slavery?

  7. What did Abraham Lincoln think about the spread of slavery in the 1850s ?

  8. List some of the major differences and disagreements which brought the relations between North and South to a breaking-point.

  9. When and where did the Civil War start?

oppdatert 11.02.2018
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