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Civil War - part 2

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    The Confederate States of America (often called 'the Confederacy') had seceded from and was at war with the United States of America, which is a federal state.
    What is the difference between a federation and a confederacy?

    Describe some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Confederacy vs the Union

    Most of the war was fought in two main areas, which were...?

    Who were the two most famous Confederate generals?
    One of them had a nickname. What was it and why did he get it?

    In which of these two war theatres did the Union first succeed? How?

    Where did the Union win the decisive battle of the Mississippi valley?
    What was the name of the Union general?
    Why was this victory so important?

    Explain the background of the Battle of Gettysburg

    What was the most important aspect of the Emancipation Proclamation of 1862?

    When and where did the war end?
    Which two crucial questions got its final answers by the outcome of the Civil War?

oppdatert 11.02.2018
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