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Open Questions: Reconstruction

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  1. What was the essence of the thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States (1865)

  2. Three years later (1868) it was followed by the fourteenth Amendment.
    Why did this amendment become so very important with regard to the civic rights of African-Americans and non-Caucasian immigrants?

  3. Why did not Abraham Lincoln finish his second term as President?

  4. How intended President Lincoln to treat the southerners after the Civil War was brought to an end?

  5. How could the southern states be reunited with the rest of the nation again?

  6. How did the southern states manage to keep blacks in inferior positions in spite of the 13th and 14th Amendments?

  7. Give some examples of such 'Black Codes'!

  8. In the 1890s the southern states started making a series of so-called 'separate but equal' provisions for blacks. These were similar to the 'Black Codes', but were called Jim Crow laws. What was the pupose with such laws?

  9. These Jim Craw Laws were strengthened by a Supreme Court decision in 1896. How?

  10. What did Congress do to ensure that blacks in the South were not cheated of their rights after the Civil War?

  11. How did the southerners try to resist the new rules that the North tried to impose on them?

  12. What were the 'Grandfather clauses'?

  13. When ended Reconstruction?

  14. What was the most important achievement of Reconstruction?

oppdatert 21.02.2018
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