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The UK: Immigration and Ethnicity

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  • Immigration after 1945
  • Today's ethnic minority groups
  • Culture conflict and identity crisis


= Compulsory
  • Reader: Study the article covering immigration and ethnic groups.
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What to do...

Read the article "Multi-racial Britain" by Diane Abbott at home!

Study the Background to British Nationality Law .
Give a brief summary of the development of British immigration policy.

Read An A-Z of asylum seekers carefully. You have to scroll down the page to find the list!
Pinpoint those 'letters' which you find relevant in Norway as well as in Britain.
Explain why!

Statistics of population and ethnicity can tell you much about the size of the main etnic groups. Make a short summary of the most essential facts you find!

Read about "The Empire Windrush".
What kind of ship was it, and why do you think it is important as a symbol?
You can find additional information HERE!

Work in pairs or groups.
Read "Remember the Ship" by John Agard and discuss the poem.
What do you think is the theme and message?

Work in pairs or groups.
Read and discuss this text by the British columnist Tony Parson.
What is the essence of the article?

Answer all the Open Questions, mark yourself, and check your final score :)

oppdatert 10.02.2018
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